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LAP Calix-serie


CALIX series is the first family of LAP sensors for differential thickness measurement in one housing. They replace measuring frames, that need time-consuming recalibration and temperature control due to their temperature characteristics. The alignment of measuring beams is optimised during production at LAP. CALIX sensors don‘t need complicated adjustments of opposing sensors in the measurement frame. Errors related to alignment won‘t occur.

LAP CALIX sensors can easily be integrated into production lines. They reach over the objects to be measured from the side, without the need for O-frames or bridges. CALIX sensors are offered with two measuring ranges and three throat depths. Measuring depth determines the distance between the edge of the material and the measuring point. LAP also offers traversing systems.


  • Factory calibrated thickness measuring system
  • Highest precision and stability
  • Fast measurement, up to 4 kHz
  • Ethernet interface
  • Temperature stabilised


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