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glas fiber versterker


di-soric fibre optic amplifiers are used wherever space limitations or the ambient conditions do not permit the use of conventional optical devices, or such devices can only be used with limitations.

The sensitivity adjustment is made directly on the fibre optic amplifier, which depending on the type of fibre optic cable used, can be mounted several meters away from the actual detection point. Functional specialties and a robust casing in compact size feature these amplifiers

Glass fibre-optic amplifiers

  • Application as diffuse reflective sensor or through beam sensor
  • Large ranges
  • High switching frequency
  • Sensitivity, scanning range and sensing range adjustment via
  • multi-turn potentiometer or teach function
  • High ambient light immunity due to pulsed emitted light
  • Green light variety for glass detection
  • Devices with timer function using time module
  • Robust die-cast zinc casing
  • UL-approval

 Glass fibre-optic cables

  • Versions as diffuse reflective sensors or through beam sensors
  • High quality glass fibres
  • High temperature resistance
  • Robust and highly flexible
  • High resolution
  • Large ranges
  • Flexible probes /- Lateral light outlet
  • Auxiliary optics can be used
  • Different fibre arrangement
  • Silicone-metal sleeve for high mechanical loads and high protection class

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