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Superior LED machine lighting


Perfect interaction is only possible with the best vision. The new, extremely powerful and quick-to-integrate LED machine lighting MB-N allows ongoing processes in machines to be observed with accuracy as well as rapid retooling and maintenance – guaranteeing maximum efficiency.GP_MB_N_Licht_150_v1.png

Efficient machine lighting – extreme light intensity and very easy to install

  • Comprehensive range of lengths: 250 / 480 / 700 / 910 mm often means that the lights don't have to be cascaded
  • Compact design with width of just 40 mm allows lighting to be used anywhere
  • Mounted using set of magnets rather than time-consuming drilling and screwing
  • Swivel-mounted retaining bracket for dazzle-free installation



Very long life thanks to tested quality

  • Extremely durable thanks to intelligent thermal management and trigger input
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Maximum robustness from shock- and vibration-resistant casing with protection
    class IP 67
  • Quality German product




Very good color reproduction for maximum safety at the workplace in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1

  • Very good color reproduction guarantees safety at the workplace in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 (color reproduction index Ra 85; color temperature 5000K)
  • New high-performance LEDs with very high light intensity ensure reliable and even illumination
  • Energy-saving system light yield of >100 lumens per wat
  • Very homogeneous wide-angle illumination of 120°