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Leine Linde
Leine LindeLeine Linde

An enconder in productionWhat does precision mean to you? To Leine & Linde, it means being accurate. Being exact in every operation and never simply guessing. Always being curious, studying data and listening to what you have to say. Always doing our very best.


Leine & Linde is a modern company with its roots in Swedish industrial traditions. We are strongly characterised by an inquisitive and quality-oriented culture of engineers who want to move forward and are never satisfied with second best. We are our own toughest customers – our products must be delivered on time, with no faults.

Exceptional requirements
Our specially-adapted position and speed encoders can now be found throughout the world. You will find them in machines and applications operating under the toughest of conditions. Extreme environments where vibrations, moisture, interference, heat and cold set exceptional requirements in terms of material and design. Requirements that in many cases only encoders from Leine & Linde can meet. Leine & Linde is a global company. Through local presence we support our customers, wherever they are, with a high level of availability and service.

Rapid deliveries
It normally takes us two weeks to manufacture an encoder. If it’s urgent, we offer 24-hour express manufacturing. 96 percent of all orders are delivered on the promised delivery date.

So what does precision actually mean?
To us, it means everything.