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Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors. The Swiss company, with headquarters in Givisiez, has developed a unique range of products whose performance far exceeds that of standard devices. Since its foundation in 1972, Contrinex has grown from a one-man concern into a small multi-national Group employing over 500 people worldwide. However, it still concentrates exclusively on the development, manufacturing and sales of sensing equipment for industrial applications.


In particular, Contrinex has specialized in:



Contrinex produces a wide range of sensing equipment, including virtually all conventional standardized inductive and photoelectric sensors. However, the Contrinex specialty is applying innovative technology to the development of advanced, high-performance devices, i.e.



Whereas automation is used wherever possible, highly trained employees with good eyesight, steady hands, concentration, and strong nerves are irreplaceable. For example, the assembly of miniature devices demands extraordinary dexterity, which not everybody possesses. Another example is the assembly of sensors with long operating distances, where high process reliability and uniformity is a prerequisite for consistent parameters of the final product. Thus, the selection and training of suitable employees is extremely costly and time-consuming.

Only the most recent production technology is used in assembling Contrinex's high-tech products. Our techniques include printed ASIC technology, SMD assembly, die and wire bonding of semi-conductor chips, plasma surface treatment, vacuum potting, and ultrasonic welding. And these are just a few of the key words.

The old saying, “If you want a job done well, do it yourself”, is particularly true where perfection is concerned. In order to ensure constant quality of critical production processes, Contrinex has therefore chosen to have a high degree of self-sufficiency.



If Contrinex sensors are held in high regard by a worldwide demanding clientele, it is not only because of their technical performance, but also because of their uncompromising quality and reliability. The latter is achieved by involving all departments and all management levels in our ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified management systems.

The strictest quality standards are applied to the manufacture of every Contrinex sensor. Nothing is left to chance. Only suppliers who also manufacture to the highest quality standards are qualified to deliver components. Before each component is released into production, it must pass our rigorous incoming inspection. At each production stage, intermediate testing is carried out. And before packing, highly developed automatic systems perform a comprehensive test on every switch, where all important parameters are checked, documented and statistically analyzed. In addition, the entire manufacturing process is set up for full traceability using the most up-to-date computer technology. The consistent high quality of Contrinex sensors is certainly not just the result of pure coincidence!

Customer service

However much they sometimes resemble them, sensors are not screws! They are complex electro-mechanical systems. Despite this complexity, their use in most cases is absolutely trouble-free. Nevertheless, for particularly difficult applications, it may be advisable to be in close contact with our customer service departments worldwide.

Wherever you are in the world, Contrinex is present, with its own subsidiaries and qualified sales representatives in over 60 countries. These form the links between the customer and us. At our headquarters, experienced application and development engineers will help you by providing optimum solutions to all your problems.



Our most important aim is to consolidate and extend our technological lead in those areas which form our core business – high-tech sensing equipment. This lead, together with providing increased customer benefits, will guarantee the continuing success of our worldwide clientele, and therefore ultimately of Contrinex itself.

To help achieve this ambitious aim, we will continue to develop an appropriate company management and culture.
We will ensure that our employees are highly motivated, and that they remain so. We will persevere with our efforts to provide an environment that stimulates teamwork. We will emphasize the need for creativity and innovation at all levels. Above all, we will ensure that quality remains a top priority. Throughout the company, from top to bottom, we must understand that our business means the manufacture of difficult-to-make, high-technology products. This is the key to the company's sustained growth and success.