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Electronically coded contactless safety switches benefit of our ACOTOM process. Anti-tamper & reliable solutions, resistant to harsh environments, resistant to electromagnetic disturbances. A wide range of polish mirror stainless steel switches, which benefit of laser marking which warranties a high resistance to chemical products, high temperature. Our SS316L products can be in direct contact with food, it is meets hygiene standards.

Even if you may already know us and appreciate our products, we want thanks to this Website provide you with an extensive insight into our comprehensive product range.

We hope that the outstanding quality and attractive design of our products as well as the development of customised solutions may increase your interest.

We have been the world's first manufacturer of non-contact stand alone and coded safety switch, that is to say that the embedded technology of our safety switches allow them to operate even without an additional safety relay.

As the concerns in machine safety and operator protection are nowadays becoming a strategic issue in the companies (for manufacturer, users and integrators), we come along with you to provide reliable and long-lasting safety solutions.

Our quality certification ISO9001:2008, as well as the one of international safety organisms is a proof of reliability on which you can count. We wish you a pleasant and interesting visit.